About Us

High-tech company HYPIX holograms , a member of the GRAPE group of companies, was formed in the market of advertising services in 2018 and is focused on integrated exhibition and retail projects of any scale.

HYPIX holograms is one of the few Russian companies that can take the customer’s marketing task as the basis for a creative concept, present their own vision of the event, choose the optimal dimensions of the structure and 3D solutions for the implementation of the plan. 

We do not use banal approaches to demonstrate the products and services of our customers. Our team offers a completely new method of visualization and information - innovative technology HYPERVSN .

Company HYPIX hologramsis an official distributor of HYPERVSN technology in the Russian Federation. This means that by entering into an agreement with our company, you will receive absolute quality, work at all stages of "turnkey" and maximum efficiency.

Welcome to the future of advertising with  HYPIX holograms !